The courses offered at MMTA, are designed to give an opportunity to the students to get acquainted with Tally Accounting Software. MMTA conducting Tally Training Program and Tally Certification Program. The Courses offered at MMTA are designed to cater the needs of Tally Students.

Tally PRIME Enterprise Resource Planning Course is designed to keep in mind of the students to learn Tally in perfect method. Tally Standard Course, Tally Advanced Level 1 and Tally Advanced Level 2 courses are to suit to the business environment. The Principles adopted in syllabus are GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principle) and Double Entry System. In our Academy the Tally Subjects are real time accounting transactions.


Tally Prime easy to use Tally is simple and designed to be used by people from non-IT and non-accounts background as well. Ease of discovering information, consistent options, navigating without the need to remembering the paths and much more makes you start using Tally Prime right away. Any business processes can handle with Tally Prime TallyPrime is an integrated business management software. You can manage Accounting, Inventory, Statutory and compliance, Banking, Payroll and various other processes.

What kind of reports can get from Tally Prime? You get 360 degree view of your business through a host of business reports related to Accounting, Inventory, Financial, Management control reports (MIS) and Statutory reports to help you make confident business decisions.

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Master Mind Tally Academy Services

Find the right Tally Business Accounts training @ MMTA Academy whether you’re a professional or beginner to the field of accounting, our training will give you the expertise you need in a specific product or technology. When you learn Tally from our Academy, you can get confident.

  • Financial Accounting
  • GST Invoicing
  • Inventory Analysis
  • GST e Filling Procedures


Course Duration

# Sessions From Time End Time
1 SES - 1 09.00 AM 10.30 AM
2 SES - 2 10.30 AM 12.00 PM
3 SES - 3 12.00 PM 01.30 PM
4 SES - 4 04.00 PM 05.30 PM
5 SES - 5 05.30 PM 07.00 PM
6 SES - 6 07.00 PM 08.30 PM